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A few shots following the tam tams

For today’s post, I have just a couple of shots to share that I grabbed following  my visit yesterday to the Sunday Tam Tams on Mount Royal.

On my way home, I walked along the path the leads from the George-Étienne Cartier Monument, down to avenue des Pins past the old band stand. If tam tams are not your thing, there is a regular gathering each Sunday next to the band stand where DJ’s provide some electronic beats to wind away warm Sunday afternoons.

I didn’t stop to take any shots of the DJ’s though, just some odd shots around the band stand.

Band Stand on ave du Parc

Band Stand on ave du Parc
ISO 200 – 70mm – f4.5 – 1/1000 sec

George Étienne Cartier Monument

George Étienne Cartier Monument
ISO 200 – 100mm – f4.5 – 1/1000 sec

Red glow

Red glow
ISO 200 – 195mm – f5.3 – 1/1000 sec


On the path, I passed these Great Danes taking their owners for a walk…


Who's walking who?

Who’s walking who?
ISO 200 – 135mm – f4.8 – 1/80 sec


Thanks for stopping by. Until next time.

– Martin

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