Dix Points de vue sur Le Plateau photo exhibition

I was thrilled a few months ago to receive a request by the Pointe-à-Callière Museum to have one of my images included in an outdoor exhibition that is currently taking place along avenue de Mont-Royal.

The exhibition is called “Dix Points de vue sur Le Plateau” and is an extension to the temporary exhibition that is currently on at the museum entitled “Lives and times of the Plateau” that ends on January 4 2015.

The 10 Points of view consists of 50 photographs that represent the Plateau from the point of view of 10 artists, personalities and creators who live or work in the neighbourhood:

  • Writer Dany Laferrière,
  • Singer-songwriter Dumas,
  • Dancer and choreographer Louise Lapierre,
  • Radio and television personality Christiane Charrette,
  • Fashion designer Philippe Dubuc,
  • Actress Caroline Dhavernas,
  • Artist Armand Vaillancourt,
  • Jewellery designer Anne-Marie Chagnon,
  • Actor and TV host Christian Bégin,
  • Chocolatier Geneviève Grandbois.

The large format photographs can be found at various points between the Metro station at rue Berri and Parc Compagnons de Saint Laurent.

My picture that was selected was one that I had shot on July 25 last year at the Twilight Sculpture Garden (Jardin du Crépuscule) – a sculpture garden created the artist Glen Lemesurier on a waste parcel of land at the corner of avenue Van-Horne and rue Saint Urbain.

Twilight Sculpture Garden

Twilight Sculpture Garden
ISO 100 – 20mm – f8 – 1/200 sec


I soon came across my image after a short walk from the metro station at the corner of avenue Christophe-Colomb.

Ave du Mont-Royal Photo exhibition

Ave du Mont-Royal Photo exhibition
ISO 100 – 70mm – f8 – 1/100 sec


10 views of the Plateau Photo exhibition

10 views of the Plateau Photo exhibition
ISO 100 – 240mm – f7.1 – 1/160 sec


A few more recent pics on the Plateau

Since I’m on the subject of the Plateau, here are a couple of random shots taken during last month around the Plateau district.

Wandering down one of the ubiquitous alleys I discovered this apartment block with flower pots adorning the fire escapes and the sun was casting some great shadows on the walls.

Apartment escape

Apartment escape
ISO 100 – 10mm – f7.1 – 1/200 sec


One of my favourite restaurants on avenue Duluth is the Khyber Pass which offers a tasty selection of Afghan cuisine. It also has a funky wooden façade…


Khyber Pass restaurant on Duluth

Khyber Pass restaurant on Duluth
ISO 100 – 13mm – f5 – 1/500 sec


On rue Roy near rue Saint Hubert is the colourful Fruiterie du Plateau store.

Fruiterie du Plateau

Fruiterie du Plateau
ISO 100 – 13mm – f5 – 1/200 sec


The delivery door for the household store Azores on boulevard Saint-Laurent has a  great vintage styled drawing.


ISO 100 – 17mm – f8 – 1/250 sec


I’ve often shared images of Montreal skyline from the base of Mount Royal on avenue du Parc, but here is another as I liked the bed of clovers. Unfortunately I was a bit late and many were looking way past their best, so I decided to go with a blurred foreground.

Montreal skyline from avenue du Parc

Montreal skyline from avenue du Parc
ISO 100 – 10mm – f7.1 – 1/640 sec


I stumbled on this piece of public art by Tova on rue Saint Dominique…

I'm European

I’m European
ISO 100 – 70mm – f6.3 – 1/200 sec


Speaking of public art, I have quite a few shots of the new murals that were produced during the Montreal Mural Festival that occurred last month along boulevard Saint-Laurent and hope to get around to sharing those in a post later this week.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time.

– Martin

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