Farine Five Roses neon sign

Since I had another day of not shooting I had to dig into some recent shots that I hadn’t got round to processing. Thankfully while I was out last week getting some images of the food trucks I happened to grab a few different perspectives of the Farine Five Roses neon sign.

Having made a stupid mistake of cranking up the ISO to 1100 without noticing during my shooting that day, I wasn’t actually going to do anything with these. But with today’s software magic, 1100 isn’t so bad and I put them through the Lightroom and Topaz mixer to see if I could salvage anything.

I decided to go a bit radical with the first shot and process using one of the Solarized Dream presets in Topaz Adjust as a jumping off point. (see below for a great offer on Topaz Labs bundle package)

Farine Five Roses beside the Bonaventure

Farine Five Roses beside the Bonaventure
ISO 1100 – 85mm – f16 – 1/800 sec

A good view of the iconic sign is from the rue de la Commune where it runs alongside the Lachine Canal. I took a couple more shots along there:

Farine Five Roses sign

Farine Five Roses sign
ISO 1100 – 85mm – f16 – 1/400 sec


Farine Five Roses building

Farine Five Roses building
ISO 1100 – 85mm – f16 – 1/400 sec

The final shot was taken beneath the Railway bridge near rue Ann.

War of the Roses

War of the Roses
ISO 1100 – 85mm – f16 – 1/800 sec

Hopefully I will get out tomorrow for some fresh shots, otherwise I’ll be digging into my history files again for tomorrow’s post.


Topaz Labs bundle July 4 offer – SAVE $100

If you haven’t already got a copy of Topaz Labs, now is a great time to pick up their bundle package.

The bundle includes 11 amazing photographic processing packages:

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Google + 2 year anniversary Photowalk

If you are in Montréal and enjoy hanging with photographers, there is a photowalk planned this Saturday (starting at 10.30 in Old Montreal) to celebrate G+ turning 2. If you are on Google +, and want more info, message me on G+ and I’ll forward you the info…sounds like it will be a lot of fun and should be a big crowd….so hope to see you there 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time.

– Martin

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