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Morrice Hall on rue McTavish

Located at the northern end of rue McTavish is the Gothic styled Morrice Hall of McGill University.

The building was originally the Presbyterian College of Montreal and was donated to the University in 1961. The oldest section of the building was , and renamed after David Morrice, who financed part of its original construction in 1882.

Morrice Hall is used today by the Islamic Studies and the Faculty of Arts.

Morrice Hall

Morrice Hall
ISO 100 – 40mm – f8 – 1/250 sec (-2ev/0/+2ev)

Inside there is apparently a beautiful study space furnished with antique wooden display cabinets and lit by stained glass windows. Unfortunately, I have yet to go inside, but hope to do so one day and take some shots to share (if allowed).

Since I only had one shot to share today, I did a few different iterations of the image…

First, using the Whisperly preset in Topaz Adjust I produced a soft black and white version:

Morrice Hall - Whisper rendition

Morrice Hall – Whisper rendition

Another version I did used one of Trey Ratcliff’s Lightroom presets (Warmth from above) as a starting point:

Morrice Hall - warmth from above

Morrice Hall – warmth from above

A final iteration was again using one of Trey’s presets (Dramatic Chippy) as a stating point:

Morrice Hall - Dramatic Chippy

Morrice Hall – Dramatic Chippy

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Thanks for stopping by. Until next time.

– Martin


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