The Mount Royal Raccoon graffiti tagger

While walking up Mount Royal last Sunday we came across a raccoon, not a rare sight these days given that officials estimate that there are around 100 raccoon’s per square kilometer on Mount Royal.


Raccoon on Mount Royal

Raccoon on Mount Royal
ISO 100 – 210mm – f14 – 1/125 sec

Raccoon on Mount Royal

Raccoon on Mount Royal
ISO 100 – 300mm – f10 – 1/200 sec

Raccoon on Mount Royal

Raccoon on Mount Royal
ISO 100 – 78mm – f10 – 1/80 sec

I read that Raccoon’s mark their territory like many other animals by leaving scented markers, but this one has gone a bit further in his choice of ‘calling card’ – likely trying to live up to his bandit image…

Raccoon graffiti tag

Raccoon graffiti tag
ISO 100 – 20mm – f5.6 – 1/80 sec (-2ev/0/+2ev)

I did try to coax him to pose against his tag, but he was more interested in foraging the undergrowth for his lunch. I was happy to see him looking for his natural food rather that waiting for free handouts given the trend in the Mount Royal raccoon’s becoming more dependent on junk food, given to them or left behind by visitors to the park.

Don’t feed the Raccoon’s !

If you should be tempted to feed a raccoon, please note that it’s now forbidden to feed them on Mount Royal – if caught you can face being fined between 100$ to 1,000$ !

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time.

– Martin



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  1. HoaiPhai May 14, 2013 at 6:42 am #

    Hey, that’s my uncle! Salut, Gilles!

    All kidding aside, great shots!! Really makes me miss Mount Royal and all of Monreal. *sigh*

    • Montreal in Pictures May 14, 2013 at 4:26 pm #

      Glad to see you’ve been reunited with your uncle Gilles 🙂

      Hopefully you can make it back to Montreal soon for a family reunion !