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Project 365 – Day 310: Memory card failure after shooting along rue Sainte Catherine

November 5 2012

I went out at around dusk for over an hour shooting around Quartier des Spectacles only to have a memory card failure during upload. Never happened to me before but probably due to the fact I had to tape over the slot when the protection tab was lost the other day and I started getting card recognition/read issues.

Thankfully I hadn’t managed to get any really great shots tonight, so losing the images was no great loss. Why though is it that most images that were lost were what I had envisioned as being the better shots from the shoot…Oh well, here are 3 shots I felt I could at least share (and saved me going back out into the cold).

Rue sainte Catherine from Place des arts
ISO 500 – 10mm – F4 – 1/3 sec

I’ve been wanting to shoot the relatively new Le 2-22 building on rue Sainte Catherine and the corner of boulevard Saint Laurent since it was completed in the Spring. The modern design really makes the building stand out and is radically different (not only in design but function) to its neighboring sex shops and clubs. But change is on the horizon, although somewhat stalled at the moment. I had taken a few more pictures of Le 2-22 tonight, but only this one could be salvaged. I plan to go back and do a more in-depth shoot of this interesting building and city block.

Le 2-22 on Sainte Catherine

Le 2-22 on Sainte Catherine
ISO 500 – 10mm – f4 – 1/3 sec

The last image worthy of sharing is of the outside terrace at Foufounes Électriques (Electric Ass in English). Foufs has become an institution to the underground music scene since it first opened its doors in 1983.

Les Foufounes Électriques

Les Foufounes Électriques
ISO 2500 – 10mm – f4 1-10 sec

Some of the images were half readable and actually could look quite artsy after a few drinks 🙂

Memory card read error

Memory card read error

I guess tomorrow I will go and buy some new memory cards – probably the least fun piece of photo kit to buy along with batteries 🙁

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Thanks for stopping by. Until next time.

– Martin

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